Dec 14, 2015

Radio Club –  Club Agenda
Date: 12/14/15

Time: 12:30pm
Location: The Green Room @ MXCC

Called to Order:



Rich Lenoce

Jon Schafer

Regular Members:

Dallas Gagne

Zack Gomez

Victor Triay Jr

Mary Lou

New Members:

Jean P Maheu



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We discussed filling out the admin paperwork for the club – club roster, quorums etc and decided we should list about ten members, 5 which would be regular voting members, enough for a quorum.

John asked Mary Lou to send out an email to the entire club membership asking if they would like to be a regular member: one who attends regularly and has voting rights vs an associate member: someone who wants to be involved, but doesn’t have the time to attend many meetings, non voting.

Discussed our budget, present and future needs. The cost to run Asnuntuck’s station is approx. $12,000 per year. We anticipate we will need between $12-20,000 for ours. Our initial budget is about $800 to cover the cost of Sound Exchange, NiceCast and copyright form registration.

We discussed fundraising sources.

The school will supply us with a computer for the NiceCast server – a Mac.

Zack will take our budget to the student senate.

We discussed making a poster for the club and getting a booth in the school’s club event so that we can increase our membership.

We anticipate that our club will involve and serve the surrounding community more so than most clubs at the school. Zack discussed being a student liaison to local high schools. This would be to gauge interest in the local high school community and to partner with us for fundraising purposes

Call letters for our station are WMDX and we will be at 107.5 when we start to broadcast over the air. An antenna will cost about 60,000. We will need to show that there is a lot of interest in the club and station in order for the school to release the funds to buy it.

We discussed needing a slogan too

John Schafer mentioned spending some time on the break studying everything we will need to get going.

We hope to have the administrative part of the station set up in the next month or two so that we can then start in on the actual running of the station. Hopefully early next semester (spring 2016)

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