Nov 16, 2015

Radio Club –  Club Agenda
Date: 11/16/15

Time: 12:00pm
Location: The Green Room @ MXCC

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John Shafer

Rich Lenoce

Regular Members:

Dallas Gagne

RicQuee  (Ricky) Davidson

Mary Lou Cooke

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New Business:
Rich presented info about a radio station hosting service that Asnuntuck community college uses. The cost is about $1000/year. The cost varies with the number of listeners that are streaming. is their website. We filled out the quote request form.

Our club budget is approx $3000/year

Rich has a meeting with the college on Thursday where he is going to find out about our existing Comcast internet connection as well as other info regarding setting up our station. The idea is that we would purchase our own connection, and NOT go through the state community college network.

We researched available domain names. Our call letters are WMDX. is available. As far as .com domains go: is available as is

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The tour ended sometime between 1:00-2:00pm

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