Nov 2, 2015

Radio Club –  Club Agenda
Date: 11/02/15

Time: 12pm
Location: Room 629

Called to Order:


John Shafer

Rich Lenoce

Regular Members:

Dallas Gagne

Zack Gomez

RicQuee  (Ricky) Davidson

Mary Lou Cooke

Austin Porter

+ 1 other

New Members:



Election of Club Officers:

Club Members voted to elect officers for the following positions:
President: Dallis Gagne
Vice President:
Zack Gomez
Ricquee Davidson
Mary Lou Cooke

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting:

Welcome to Guest(s)/Announcements:

Executive Board Member Announcements:

Advisor Announcements:

1) Discussion of duties of the executive board members.

2) Advisor Rich Lenoce passed out a list of apps to look into for the web radio station

They are:


Radiologic Station

Audio Rack Suite

Radio Automation & Scheduling

All of these are for the Mac

There was some mention of eventually having to get a Windows PC to run more pro applications only available on that platform

Old Business:

New Business:
Discussion of tentative field trip next week to WESU’s radio station at 45 Broad St, Middletown. Advisor Shafer needs to confirm with them for next Monday from 12-1pm.

Some discussion of ideas for the website and hosting

General Information:


Other Committees:

Open Floor Discussion:

Meeting Adjourned:
Meeting Adjourned at 1 o’clock.

Allocations Approved at this Meeting: