Nov 30, 2015

Radio Club –  Club Agenda
Date: 11/30/15

Time: 12:00pm
Location: The Green Room @ MXCC

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Rich Lenoce

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Mary Lou Cooke

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We met with Yvonne Page, the MXCC webmaster to see about getting a link to our Nicecast server. We have tentatively decided on as the link. Also another link for our radio club site at

Rich installed ice/nicecast on a laptop to test using an Itunes playlist internally the IP is – (dynamic) we were able to access the playlist internally

The external IP is – (static?) we weren’t able to reach the broadcast

We discussed m3u players that run on iphone and android – this is necessary to access the playlist.

We discussed sound exchange – signing up with them will cost $600 year for a non-commercial educational entity.

Zack is going to mention that we will be asking them for funding soon – Rich Lenoce has to fill out the forms for sound exchange first. Possibly next week we’ll bring it before the student senate to try to get funding.

We decided to use free hosting for the radio station, possibly wordpress, weebly or kssr

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The tour ended sometime between 1:00-2:00pm

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