Feb 22, 2016

Radio Club –  Club Agenda
Date: 02/22/16     
Time: 12:00pm     Location: The Green Room @ MxCC

Called to Order:


Mary Lou Cooke

Frank Richo


Rich Lenoce

Jon Schafer

Regular Members:

Dallas Gagne

Zack Gomez

Victor Triay Jr

Mary Lou

New Members:

Jean P Maheu



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Old Business:

New Business:

This week we met with new member Frank Richo. He has experience with several radio stations and will be a great help to us in getting WMDX off the ground.

Other than that, Advisor Rich Lenoce sent us an email indicating that he is still working with the MxCC IT department to change their firewall configuration so that our server will be able to broadcast over the internet.


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