March 7, 2016

Radio Club –  Club Agenda
Date: 03/7/16     
Time: 2:30pm     Location: The Green Room @ MxCC

Called to Order:


Mary Lou Cooke

Dallis Gagne

Frank Richo

Gina Lombardo

Jean Maheu

Rich Lenoce

Jon Schafer


Rich Lenoce

Jon Schafer

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Dallas Gagne

Zack Gomez

Victor Triay Jr

Mary Lou 

Jean P Maheu

Gina Lombardo

Frank Richo

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President Dallis is back. Rich has no news from the state on the firewall issue. BOR has an order in to open the port. Chris will deliver the computer to us we need to request this. 

We spoke about creating content – MP3 is fine.

Advisor Shafer talked about the quality not having to be has high for a talk show. as compared to music. 256KB is good enough we are broadcasting at 128K. For music – save in a good quality format but also create a MP3 version for the station. Talk can be 64K.

We need to write up technical info for submittals. We need to invite people to submit. If putting together a show – need an intro. Ideally we are looking for a show. .5 to 2 hrs. in length.

Jean Maheu is working on a show with local bands.

Jon Shafer recorded the Inaugural poet last week.

Talked about having a release form for performers. Need one for the poet. Have been in contact with his agent.

Our Sound Exchange license will cover us for streaming – but we will start without it for now to get things off the ground. Using local people.

Rich’s students are creating podcasts for the station – about 20. And possibly promos.

Radio station needs speakers installed, headphone distribution system, phone. Audition, GB, Audacity are installed on the radio station computer.

Discussed the new zoom recorders – we can use them for the club – student senate money could be used for other stuff – like sound exchange license.

A member of the club will be needed to put together the playlists for each day. The shows, station ids, bumps, etc. Jean has volunteered. 

Talked about meeting with ICRV in Ivoryton to get info on operating a streaming station.

Discussed programing that is live verses scheduled.

Can modify a standard release for our use. Dallis gave me one to use.

We discussed our various sources of content.

Next week we will do a studio orientation and instruction on the portable recorders also.

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